Real-time Air Quality Monitoring

India’s first affordable PM2.5 monitor with free data & dashboard

Atmos Features

Our monitors are scientifically validated to help families, air quality professionals, institutions and government make better air quality decisions.


Our devices precise enough for academic or scientific purposes, whilst the cost ensures that it can be used by households and enthusiasts too.

Real-time Data

The data from the devices is transmitted every minute, and is available on our map-based dashboard.

Mobile Connectivity

Atmos is one of the few devices in the country that require no wifi network. It comes with an in-built GPRS/GSM module, that requires no setup whatsoever.

Measure what Matters

Particulate matter (PM) of different sizes affects our airways and lungs in different ways. Our monitor measure PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, in addition to temperature and humidity in the air around you.

Precise Calibration

Atmos devices have been scientifically validated against Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) grade equipment.

Easy to Install

When you buy an Atmos device, all you need to do is find a sheltered outdoor space to place it and a power outlet to plug it into. Without power the device's battery can last upto 8 hours.







Tech Specs

  1. Measure Real-time Ambient Particulate Matter PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 µg/m3.
  2. Measure Temperature (T) & Relative Humidity (RH).
  3. Transmit this data in Real-time using an in-built GPRS/GSM module. Data is transmitted to a cloudserver using HTTP protocol.
  4. Device has an in-built battery which can keep the monitoring device running for up to 8 hours.
  5. Data will be available to be viewed on a map-based dashboard.
  6. Real-time Air Quality data will also be available to download in a CSV file as well as available for integration in a mobile App or Website using APIs that we will provide.
  7. Data is also stored internally on a MicroSD card. Users can download data locally from the SD card too.
  8. The linear regression between the Atmos devices and the FEM equipment under different conditions has varied from 0.7 to 0.9.

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